Photo and Video Policy - Club Hiking in London Ltd. (CACS)

Photo and Video Policy for Club Hiking in London Ltd. (CACS)

1. Introduction

At Club Hiking in London Ltd. (CACS), we are passionate about sharing the experiences of our walks and outdoor events. This policy details how we handle photos and videos related to our activities.

2. Origin of Photos and Videos

Pre-existing Photos and Videos: The images shown on our website and promotional materials have been taken by our hike leaders at previous events.

Capturing New Images: During our events, we may take additional photos and videos for use on social media and other promotional purposes of Club Hiking in London Ltd. (CACS).

3. Rights and Ownership

The photos and videos are the property of Club Hiking in London Ltd. (CACS) and/or the respective photographers.

Participants in our events grant Club Hiking in London Ltd. (CACS) the right to use images or videos in which they appear for promotional and communication purposes.

4. Use of Images

The captured images may be used on our website, social media, promotional materials, and other platforms associated with Club Hiking in London Ltd. (CACS).

We commit to using these images respectfully, ensuring they are not offensive or inappropriate.

5. Privacy and Respect

We respect the privacy and dignity of all participants. Those who do not wish to be photographed or included in these materials should notify our team in advance.

If someone wishes for a photo or video in which they appear to be removed from our media, they may request it and Club Hiking in London Ltd. (CACS) will address this request in a timely manner.

6. Contact

For inquiries or requests regarding our photo and video policy, please contact us:

Maria: 07535 295739

Thomas: 07400 796815


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